Well my world has just been rocked.

KWQC has been running a promo/jingle package for ages called the "Hello" campaign. They still end their 6pm newscast by saying "...that's going to do it for us at 6. Our 'Hellos' tonight come to us from Mrs. Peterson's 6th graders at Hoover Elementary."

Then there's an awkward video of kids blankly staring into the camera saying "Hello Quad Cities" over and over.

The lyrics to the jingle say: "There's a feeling in the air that you can't get anywhere except the Quad Cities. Hello Iowa...Hello Illinois...TV 6 cares for you!""

Imagine my shock when I learned just today that you CAN get that same feeling that's in the air. In fact, you can get the feeling that's in the air (that you can't get anywhere) just about EVERYWHERE because that promo package runs or ran in about 50 different markets all over the place. So weird to hear the spot where in my head it's gonna say 'the Quad Cities' but the singer says "in Atlanta" or "Cleveland" or "Colorado" or "Milwaukee".

Do you remember that jingle? Do you feel as cheap and used as I do? "TV 6 cares for YOU" is what the singer has been telling me since the 80's. Turns out they've been having an affair behind my back and caring for a TON of other people. It's like they've got a ship in every port!

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