Hawkeye Basketball Player Kate Martin To Visit Blue Grass Elementary

Blue Grass Elementary will host Iowa Hawkeye women’s basketball player Kate Martin on Thursday, October 26th at 3:15 p.m.

Photo by Grace Smith, The Daily Iowan
Photo by Grace Smith, The Daily Iowan

The Reason For The School Visit

Following a triumphant performance by the Hawkeyes at the "Crossover at Kinnick" competition, Kate's arrival was announced. According to Blue Grass's principal Sara J. Gott, this game, as well as the Hawkeyes' success last season, were the driving reasons for the visit. Given that Martin’s aunt works as the school’s counselor, Gott said it made perfect sense to schedule the visit.

What The Kids Will Learn

Martin is scheduled to address students about the values of hard work and perseverance and shed light on the Lady Hawkeyes' contribution to creating opportunities for women in athletics. Her discourse will include tips on leadership, along with personal experiences as a triumphant basketball player in the women's team.

In terms of potential outcomes, organizers are confident that Martin’s visit will resonate with students at each grade level.

“We are fortunate enough to have a lot of students involved in athletics,” she said. “We’re looking to focus on hard work, breaking barriers, and the power of having dreams and wanting to achieve them. I think these will be the most important outcomes.”

-Kate Martin

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