Elton John, one of the most iconic musical artists in the world took some time to recognize the performance of the Ohio State and Iowa marching bands on Saturday.

In Columbus Ohio

At the Ohio vs Iowa football game last Saturday, both teams' marching bands joined forces and performed seven songs from the world-famous British singer and composer Elton John.


The performance included forming John's 'E' logo on the field along with other moving formations such as stars, hearts, and Ellton playing the piano.

The Recognition

On top of the amazing performance from both bands, Elton John took the time to Tweet about the show. "Thank you, @tbdbitl and @hawkeyeband! What an incredible dedication with so much creativity!"

The singer took to Twitter to say thanks to The Best Damn Band In The Land (Ohio State Band's Nickname) and the Hawkeye Marching Band, calling the performance "an incredible dedication with so much creativity."

Ohio feeling great about the compliment tweeted back.

The Full Performance

Saturday's performance was the second time "The Best Damn Band In The Land" played a halftime show with another band since 1995.

You can watch the full show below:

If you're curious how the game went, the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 54-10... Yikes Iowa.

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