I'm not a fan of The Green Bay Packers.  As a Bears fan, I have a had a couple of bad decades watching the Pack dismantle the various incarnations of the minstrels of the midway. So when my daughter became a Packers Fan, I was hoping that it would be temporary.  That was 12 years ago.

I've made a few trips now up north to the tundra and as much as I can't stand that team, those fans sure are cool.  Nicest folks you'd ever want to meet.  They would give you the mustard off their brat if they thought it would enhance your game day experience.  I now almost look forward to the periodic trips to Lambeau Field since it makes my daughter so happy.

Nothing could have prepared me for Friday's pre-game moment, however, as this one came courtesy of the Oakland Raiders.  More specifically, Denarius Moore, WR for the Raiders.  He happens to be Katie's favorite Raiders player (Yes, for those keeping score at home, after the Packers, The Raiders are her 2nd favorite team) and she made a little sign saying so.  She is waving the sign as the players are warming up, screaming and shouting like...well...a 16 year-old girl.  Moore catches a pass and looks up at Katie.  He sees the sign, pats his heart, points to Katie and waves.  She immediately blushes and turns around, giggling.

Later, while the players are coming back out on the field, a Raiders trainer walks over to our seats, holds up a ball, and tosses it to Katie. "This is for the sign--Denarius says 'Thanks' for being a fan."  One gesture, one split-second decision turned my daughter's day into the greatest day ever.  Thank-you, Mr. Moore, for also being a fan.

This says it all:

dwyer/townsquare media