Do you have a cheesecake from Hy-Vee that you can't wait to try? Before you bite into the deliciousness you'll want to make sure it's not one of the cheesecakes being voluntarily recalled by the store due to possible Salmonella contamination.

The store is voluntarily recalling its cheesecakes made with Diamond Crystal Brands chessecake mix. Hy-Vee decided to recall the cheesecakes after receiving a letter from their supplier. The voluntary recall includes 32 varieties of cheesecakes in both 8-ounce and 32-ounce packages with best if used by dates of Dec. 6, 2018, through Jan. 11, 2019. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Out of an abundance of caution, Hy-Vee removed the product from the shelves of its stores as soon as it was notified about the situation. It is important to note that all other Hy-Vee cheesecakes of the same variety but with a different UPC are NOT impacted by this voluntary recall.

You can learn more about the recall and see labels of the affected products at the Hy-Vee website here. Here is a list of the recalled cheesecakes:

UPC:                       Variety and Size:

02-80142-00000Cherry Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80141-00000Cherry Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-80146-00000Oreo Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80145-00000Oreo Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-80148-00000Pumpkin Fluff Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80147-00000Pumpkin Fluff Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-80150-00000Strawberry Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80149-00000Strawberry Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-80224-00000Mint Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80223-00000Mint Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82327-00000Turtle Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82328-00000Turtle Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-80153-00000Flag Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-80151-00000Flag Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82315-00000Mint Chip Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82316-00000Mint Chip Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82317-00000Strawberry Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82318-00000Strawberry Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82319-00000Lemon Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82320-00000Lemon Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82321-00000Pumpkin Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82322-00000Pumpkin Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82323-00000Chocolate Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82324-00000Chocolate Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82325-00000Sea Salted Caramel Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82326-00000Sea Salted Caramel Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82329-00000Golden Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82330-00000Golden Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82331-00000Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82332-00000Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
02-82333-00000Smores Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
02-82334-00000Smores Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz

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