Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship (and a few others) turns 75 today ... yikes!  She was born in the Chicago area and lived there for a while until her wealthy family moved to California.   Along with Janis Joplin, you could say that she further opened the door for female rock singers by her influence on the industry.  She was also known for a lot of mischievous things ... my favorite is when she went to a "tea" at the White House (she went to college with Trish Nixon) intending to spike President Nixon's tea with LSD, but got caught before she could pull it off.

You might say she was a text-book alcoholic, and it definitely interfered with her ability to do her job.  But she sure was interesting!   Today she is an artist and still makes appearances, but at 75 she looks like a sci-fi character to me .. that's why I went with an earlier photo that I like better.  So on this day, fans of the psychedelic, I salute you!