If the police pull you over because the suspect the car you're driving is stolen, it's probably in your best interest to NOT steal one of their cruisers.

Officers with the Tulsa Police Department pulled over 37-year-old Angie Frost who told them that she didn't know the car was stolen. She had asked a friend permission to borrow the vehicle.

Frost was handcuffed and placed in the front seat of one of the officer's cruisers while they searched the stolen car. As they stand outside discussing the matter, Frost can be seen slipping her bond hand in front of her and jumping into the driver's seat.

“What is she doing?” an officer asked.

“She’s trying to steal your car,” another officer replied as Frost locked the doors and sped away. After a short chase the officers caught her on the steps of a motel. She was charged with larceny of an automobile, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempting to obstruct an officer and driving with a suspended license.

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