Friday night at the Quad City Storm game was 'Rock 'n Roll Night' presented by 97X, and they asked if Hairball would like to do the puck drop. Being a huge Storm fan, Hairball jumped at the opportunity.

Of course, we can't just let him go out and do anything in a normal fashion, so we brought in our friend Atlanta Dawn - the local muralist and window painter who you more than likely see works from on your commute to work anywhere in the Quad Cities - to come in and get him ready.

During our interview with MINIKISS, Hairball sat in the corner of the studio while Atlanta painted him up with the Storm Logo's Rock 'N Roll version.

The artwork turned out perfectly.


Once it all got filled in and finished, it looked just like the logo!


Hairball got to do the Ceremonial Puck Drop, with Storm Captain Tommy Tsicos, Storm mascot Radar, and the Fayetteville Marksmen Captain Connor Fries.

Later in the game, the fans were going ballistic over a nearly 4-minute straight attack from the Storm, and Hairball noticed he was up on the screen, so he did what he does best - he took his shirt off.

Side note: Listener Cody called in to ask if there was room on Hairball for a sponsorship. Michaels told him to make a donation to a veteran's organization, so Cody donated $100 to his local VFW.

Michaels asked Cody, "What's your business?"

Cody replied, "I don't have a business. I just want my name on him."

So, Atlanta obliged Cody's wishes and put his name on Hairball.

Hairball and Cody

Hairball also got to hang out backstage with MINIKISS before their show.

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