Why hide a gun when you can just wear it around your neck for everyone to see? That's exactly what Quincy Campbell did when he tried to enter Magic Kingdom.

Campbell attempted to walk through security at Magic Kingdom with a gun hanging around his neck. He also pulled out a plastic baggy and threw the contents in his mouth as deputies tried to stop him.

Deputies could see “a chalky white substance” around his mouth when they were ordering him to spit out the substance.

Campbell insisted that he "swallowed a piece of gum."

Yeah... Sure...."Gum"... Deputies did not believe him.

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According to Orange County records, the 33-year-old man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, destruction of evidence, both felonies, and possession of cannabis, a misdemeanor.

Campbell's excuse for why he had a gun around his neck was that he was holding onto the gun for his sister, who has a concealed weapons license. Campbell, an ex-felon, obviously does not have a gun permit.

During the confrontation, Campbell got “agitated” and pulled out the baggy with the unknown contents. Police tried to grab the plastic bag from Campbell but during the struggle, he put the bag in his mouth and swallowed it.

Campbell was taken to the emergency room to make sure he was OK and then transported to jail.

Found on the ground where the fight happened, was the white substance from the plastic bag. Police collected it as evidence to analyze. The report did not reveal the deputies' findings.

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