Believe it or not, a guy who loves Axe body spray just did something stupid. 45-year-old Patrick Butler from Rock Hill, South Carolina got pulled over on Monday when a cop saw him swerve into a curb.

As the cop was approaching, he saw Patrick spraying something into his mouth. When he got to the window, he realized it was Axe body spray.

It's not clear exactly why Patrick did that. Maybe he thought it would hide the alcohol on his breath, maybe he thought it would fool a breathalyzer or maybe he just wanted to smell good for the cop.

But alcohol is a main ingredient in Axe, so it might have even made things worse. He ended up failing all three roadside sobriety tests, and when he got to the police station, he was over the legal limit on the breathalyzer.

He was charged with a DUI.

Rock Hill Police Department

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