I'm not sure whether the lesson from this story is that you shouldn't stick your junk into random objects or that dentists are quite versatile.

View of fearful dentist from inside open mouth

A 37-year-old guy in Linhai, China went to the hospital last Friday after he jammed his junk into a wrench and it got stuck. I assume it was a socket wrench, but you never know. Apparently his junk was swelling and turning purple.

The doctors couldn't get it off, so they called in the fire department to come saw it off. But the firefighters were worried the heat from their grinder would cause more damage. So they went to Plan C: a dentist.

They figured that the drill a dentist uses on your teeth could get through the wrench without the extra heat or risk of a larger saw. And they were right, after a half hour of drilling, the dentist safely removed the wrench.

The guy is recovering.

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