Remember the first iteration of "virtual reality"?  You took your phone and slid it inside the flap of the massive goggles.  You probably downloaded an app that sent you on a wild roller coaster ride or to walk with dinosaurs.  It was pretty cool...but nothing compared to what kids have these days.

Technology has gotten exponentially better since only a few years ago.

Now you put on this Oculus headset and you are IN this world.  The first game I tried was a zombie game and to be honest it was a little freaky.

The Daily Mail posted about a 31-year-old man in Germany ended up in the hospital after he played a virtual reality video game too much and broke his NECK.  He showed up at a hospital with a sharp pain in his shoulder but it was caused by a fracture in his C-7 vertebra, which is at the base of your neck.

And no, he wasn't one of the people in those hilarious videos who you  see falling from the virtual plank and don't even try to catch themselves before they land on ribs first onto a folding chair.  Turns out he had a stress fracture from doing a repeated motion too much.

I guess playing video games up to four hours a day is bad for your health.  Maybe I'll pass on the virtual reality or maybe I'll just sit comfortably in an office chair that spins around so I can kill those zombies and not break my neck or my TV.

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