Ever find yourself in a debate about whether music sounds better from the recording studio or from the concert stage?  Well, after a-thousand-or-so such debates, I will put it to the test today!   Think about the live albums you own (or know and love) and think about the songs you would say are BETTER from the LIVE album .... What would you say? ... "Show me the way" ... "Gimme 3 Steps" .... "Whammer Jammer" .... ??    I'm gonna play one today at 5:00 to kick off the "5:00 Punch Out" that in my opinion, tops the list!   Try 'n guess it  ... email me (guy@97X.com) or call me today (563-323-9797) with your guess.  I'll award the first one to get it right with 2 combo lunches from Hungry Hobo!  Good Luck!   Oh, and a little hint for you...the picture here probably won't match the artist today.