Debra Parsons' mother may have passed away back in May, but she'll still be having her mom for Christmas dinner... literally.

The 41-year-old from Kent, England says she's felt the urge to eat Doreen's ashes since her death earlier this year. She'll eat a spoonful fairly often to feel “as close as possible” to her.

Her craving is growing stronger as the holiday gets closer. “It is the only thing that will get me through my first Christmas without mum,” said Debra. “People might think I’m mad or that it’s not a very respectful thing to do but I just can’t stop myself.

“I see it as a positive thing – allowing her to be close to me and also involving her in the family day," Debra continues. “I feel like she can live on by being inside of me because if she is part of me she can breathe through my body. My breath is her breath."

Debra's mother, Doreen Brown, died from an airway obstruction very suddenly. “I decided I wanted to do something with her ashes that would make a ­difference to how we remembered her. I didn’t want to just scatter them because that would feel like throwing her away.”

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