There's typically no better place to shop when you need a deal than a thrift store, like Goodwill. They keep their prices low because the items are donated to the store, so they don't have any sort of overhead for their stock.

We know that Goodwill is a great place to take unwanted clothing and other items when a yard sale doesn't get rid of everything - they typically take just about anything so long as they don't have an excess of it, however, there are some things that they will turn down every time.

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As you're looking through the leftovers of your yard sale, the house you want to be decluttered, or the estate that you're working to clean out, it's important to remember that both Goodwill stores in the state of Virginia have requirements of what they will or will not accept.

Goodwill in Mississippi will accept all the usual donations like DVDs, clothing and clothing accessories, shoes, home decor, kitchen tools, and artificial Christmas trees, but they don't take all of what you're wanting to get rid of.

You'll find eight things they will look at and say "Hard Pass" to below.

Goodwill in North Carolina Will Not Take These 10 Items

As long as you don't take any of these items into donate, you can donate away, and get all the stuff you don't want in your house to someone who will give it a new love and a new lease on life.

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Pop some tags while you're there, you'd be surprised how far $20 can take you.

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