back in 1978, one month ago today marked the release of Boston's LOOONNG awaited second album "Don't Look Back".  Now the first Boston album mind you, sold 17 million copies.  How do you follow that, right?  We waited for 2 years, then we finally got "Don't Look Back" and even though it only sold 7 million total copies,  by this date one month later it had already sold 4 million copies !!   That's huge .. nearly unbelievable!   And it peaked at #1 on the charts, where the debut album only got to #3.

So why don't we give it more respect?  Could be because only 5 of the albums 8 tracks were smash hits (all 8 of the debut album were smashes) .. or it could be because the second side of "DLB" had just 3 songs and 2 were "so-so" at best ... but as follow up albums go, it was a pretty good one.  So today when you hear a track from DLB on my show today, remember it was intended to be a quiet tribute to an album that probably deserved more respect than it got.