This time of year here in the beautiful Midwest is a tough one on some folks.  The days are shortened by mother nature and by father savings-time, so that you can feel like there's fewer hours in each day.  That can make you a little sad.

So if braving the crazy crowds on black Friday revs your motor, the by all means, get out there and good luck.  Maybe you're trying the "new" Thursday night version of black Friday, filled with the holiday hope, spirit and dreams that come with getting away from your in-laws and your losing football team on TV.  Grab an energy drink and drive safely.

Point is after all the yelling and screaming and protesting is over, all the pushing and elbowing, grabbing and wrapping is done for another year it all boils down to the idea that giving someone else a gift makes them feel special.  YOU make them feel special.

So get out there and Get 'er done.  Happy Thanksgiving.