Just in time for the beginning of the grilling season, here is the best recipe for making those frozen burger patties explode with flavor like a steakhouse burger.

Dwyer discovered this recipe several years ago, it's actually pretty simple. You can use it to impress anyone who attends your BBQ, but remember to mention who told you.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Frozen hamburger patties
  • LaBatt's Blue Beer
  • Two Shots of Jack Daniels'

First, set one shot of Jack Daniels' aside.

Then, place patties in a 2" deep container, pouring the LaBatt's Blue Beer and one shot of Jack Daniels' over the frozen patties until they're evenly covered by the liquid mixture.

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Next, let the burger patty marinate in the liquid for a minimum of five hours. It's important that they marinate for at least this long, but if they can sit overnight, even better. More time for the juices to soak.

Use a spatula to get burgers out of the container. You have to use a spatula, not tongs, to prevent the burgers from falling apart and ruining your day.

Cook the burgers on a super hot grill to help sear in the juices, then move them off direct heat so as not to burn them.

While the burgers are on the grill, go ahead and drink that shot you set aside earlier.

If you want to season the patties, do it right before putting them on the grill. If you season the patties too early, you will risk drying out the meat, which is not going to impress anyone.

Good luck in your burger-grilling endeavors, and I really think you will love this recipe.

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