An explosion shook downtown Dubuque last Monday, taking place at the 400 block of Loras Boulevard.

Officials say they were called to the location shortly after 4pm for a gas leak said to have been started by a machine that struck a gas main while working in the area.

Chief Rick Steines of the Dubuque Fire Department told KCRG the gas company was in the process of shutting the line off when it ignited and caused the explosion.


One house was destroyed and surrounding homes had windows blown out.

“We had taken direction from the gas company as far as what they wanted to do, what their hazards where and how big an area they wanted evacuated, so we were in place for that,” Chief Steines explained. “We also did not get too close with our own personnel because that way, once the fire ignited, we actually had resources surrounding it and we were able to bring people in rather than to have people injured.”

One was injured, a firefighter who was taken to the hospital for a cut.

The scene was packed with first responders, gas company employees, and neighbors standing by.

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