The number of incidents we end up reporting on that are a direct result of an argument about a game of Monopoly are enough that the game is not allowed in my house. My kids are one breath away from killing each other half of the time as it is - I don't need to throw a lit match at a puddle of gasoline.

Over in Brussels, a full-blown fight broke out like two guys settling their differences in the 12th Century.

The incident began as a group of four people were having a friendly game of Monopoly on the pavement in front of a house when the home's owner came out to shoo them away.

Almost immediately, things progressed to a melee, and the homeowner's son came out of the house with a sheathed samurai sword.

The group battled and at some point, the case the katana was stored in was damaged. By the time the commotion came to a close, the son and one of the Monopoly players were both injured by the sword.

The Brussels-Midi Police zone confirmed to media outlets that both of the men had to be transported to the hospital.

The board game player was released both from the hospital and the police's custody on Sunday evening. As for the son who came to back up his dad ended up in a life-threatening condition due to the blade striking one of his major arteries.

Monopoly is not a peaceful game, and non-peaceful games and swords do not mix.

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