A new survey found 62% of IT workers think YOU are your #1 security threat, because you probably do things like use weak passwords, and open dangerous emails. Here are four more common mistakes you might be making . . .

  1. You're not protecting your phone’s lock screen. The worst thing you can do is not use a password at all. Because if you lose your phone, someone can get your info. And you probably have a lot of saved passwords in there. But also be careful about people looking over your shoulder to steal your password. Ideally, your phone should have a six-digit code, not four. And don't do a "pattern unlock" where you connect dots on a grid. A study found they're much easier to guess just by imitating your movements.
  2. You're not using two-step authentication. That's where you have to verify your identity again before you can access an app or website. Usually by getting a password through text or email. It's easy to set up, and it makes things a lot safer.
  3. You share too much info on social media. Things like your pet's name or your parents' anniversary are common security questions. So be careful what you post online, because hackers can use it against you.
  4. You use free WiFi at places like Starbucks. Public networks make it easier on hackers, especially if there's no password. So if you use free WiFi a lot, think about buying a VPN subscription. It gives you an added layer of security by masking your IP address.

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