Eric Levine was on the Mallards roster in 2014, but while he might not be a household name to fans, he's since been making career saves that led him right up to Chicago Blackhawks training camp this week.

Joey Dwyer / Townsquare media

Levine has been on 12 different teams in his brief 3-year pro hockey career, currently serving with the Rockford Icehogs in the AHL. His 2-way contract could also put him on the ice for Indianapolis against the Mallards this season. While it would be nice to catch up with him while he's in town, I hope we don't have to face him come game time.

We'll be talking with Eric today on the Dwyer and Michaels Show--getting an insiders' look at Blackhawks camp, and also what it's like to not know where,or IF, you'll be putting on pads from one team to another.

Check out Eric's Midwest Goalie School.