If your deodorant doesn't get you through the day, your diet might be to blame. Here are some foods that can make you stink.

  • Red meat. It's hard to digest and leaves residue behind in your digestive tract, which mixes with bacteria and comes out in your sweat.
  • Alcohol. Most of it gets metabolized by your liver. But a tiny amount comes out in your sweat and you end up smelling like stale beer.
  • Fish. There's a metabolic disorder called "fish odor syndrome" where it makes your sweat smell fishy. It's rare though, and you'd probably know if you had it.
  • Broccoli and asparagus. Both have a lot of sulfur, but they're good for you so don't stop eating them. If they make you smell bad, try cooking them in boiling water instead of steaming them.
  • Garlic. It has another sulfuric compound called allicin. It's not necessarily a bad smell though. A few studies have found that some people are actually turned on by it.
  • Coffee. It might not make you smell worse on its own. But stimulants like caffeine make you sweat more.

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