Apparently, "Try before you buy" doesn't apply to everything, as this woman from Fort Pierce, FL found out the hard way.

Fort Pierce PD alleges on August 31st, they were called to a Lions Den adult store for a disturbance. Dispatch told officers there was a woman in a purple shirt and no pants somewhere in the store.

Before the officer entered the store, the employee explained that the woman was now fully nude and disappeared into the stock room with the toy.

Fearing the worst, and those fears coming true, the officer found Theresa Stanley in the stockroom giving the toy a test run on herself.

The officer noted he saw her, "sitting in an office chair with her feet up on a table. She had in her hand a pink colored, penis shaped toy that she was using in a masturbatory manner."

St. Lucie County Clerk
St. Lucie County Clerk







When Theresa saw the officer, she stopped what she was doing and dropped the toy on the ground.

She was arrested with theft and indecent exposure charges, being she also admitted to taking and trying on a piece of clothing.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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