23-year-old Tiffany Flores was in her friend's car when they got pulled over in Fellsmere, Florida on Tuesday. She dropped her bag of cocaine out the passenger's side window after they already stopped.

The cops saw it on the ground next to the car and arrested her. When they got her to jail, she said she couldn't go through a body scanner because she's pregnant. They gave her a pregnancy test, and she wasn't.

They did the body scan and found out she was hiding a crack pipe in her vagina. She claimed it wasn't hers, she was just holding it for her friend.

The weird part is it might actually be true, because she admitted the bag of cocaine was hers. Flores said her friend who was driving tossed her the pipe, and told her to hide it. So she chose the best hiding spot she could think of.

River County Sheriff's Office

She's facing charges for drug possession, tampering with evidence, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility. It's not clear if her friend is facing any charges or not.

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