In these uncertain times, the government has asked us all to change how we do everything, even down to our sexual encounters. Sometimes the pleasantries you were given before the virus had to be put on hold, but we know there's always a workaround.

26-year-old Tathan Fields is serving 15 years in jail for burglary and grand theft.

His girlfriend, 32-year-old  was granted permission for a virtual visit, since all in person visits are suspended.

During the call, Rascati stripped down to her birthday suit and gave him a show, using some toys of her own, as well as a "sexual apparatus". Tathan also had some fun on his end. With himself, that is.

Time went by, but Detective Assmann with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, was reviewing tapes from all of the visits. He was looking for criminal behavior, but found something much more interesting.

One can only imagine his reaction.

After reviewing the entire tape, he arrested Noelle Rascati. Not because of the show she put on for Tathan, but because in the time she was putting on the show, her kid was standing on camera, next to the bed, for the duration of the ENTIRE video.

Check out the full steamy police report.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office
Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office

She's facing felony charges of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct in the Presence of a Minor.

Damn good police work, Detective Assmann.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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