There's been a domestic taco battery, according to police down in Florida.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Braiden Lankford and her 50-year-old mother were arguing about the “cleanliness of the house” when Lankford “became upset” and “threw two tacos from the dining room.”

Those tacos, of course, flew through the air, and hit her mom in the head while she was sitting on the couch.

Cops were called, and when they arrived found the mom on the couch, with taco pieces all around her and on her.

“The victim had food debris all around her on the couch and on the back of her shirt,” the police officer wrote.

Police say Lankford admitted to throwing the taco, but said she didn't mean to hit her mom with the food. She explained that she just threw the taco out of frustration, and it happened to hit her mom by accident.

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Obviously, Braiden Lankford's mom wasn't injured by the flying food, but she wasn't too happy about tacos being thrown in the house, especially at her.

Braiden Lankford was arrested and charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into Pinellas County Jail. She was released from custody yesterday morning on her $100 bond. In the meantime, she's not allowed to have any contact with her mother, per a judge's order.

This is not the first case in recent months of food-based assaults in Florida. In September, a woman was arrested for assaulting her husband with a plate full of spaghetti. A different woman was charged the same month in a thrown pan of grits.

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