A Florida Woman is behind bars after allegedly attacking her husband with a plate of spaghetti during a domestic battery.

Investigators say 44-year-old Melissa Daigle was intoxicated last week when she engaged in a discussion with her husband that turned violent, resulting in her throwing a "dinner plate of spaghetti" at him.

The spaghetti hit him in the torso and landed in his lap. According to the officer's report, "The victim was not injured, just covered in meat sauce."

Daigle, from Largo, was arrested and booked into the county jail. In her court appearance the next morning, the judge barred her from contact with the husband, and she's to be outfitted with an alcohol monitoring device.

She and her husband have been married 20 years, and the September 1st altercation happened in front of the couple's adult children.

Daigle was arrested in May for spitting on her husband and striking him with car keys, but prosecutors declined to pursue charges against her.

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