For a short while, this thief in Florida had about $86,000 worth of Rolex watches shoved in her lady parts.

29-year-old Delajurea Brookens met Ramon Diaz, a businessman from Orlando, at a club in Miami Beach. The two left the club to go to a hotel room.

When Diaz went to the bathroom, Brookens grabbed a Crown Royal whisky bag with five Rolexes inside and ran off. The theft victim followed her and found her hailing a cab outside the hotel.

He confronted Brookens who then attacked him and hit him in the head. Police arrived a short time later and found the thief with the Crown Royal bag. Only one watch was inside, a $22,000 Hublot. The other watches showed up later.

Brookens was taken to jail and strip searched. Jailers found the four missing watches stuffed inside the suspects vaginal cavity. The watches were placed into evidence and will be returned to Diaz eventually.

The Rolex thief was charged with grand theft, cocaine possession, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

Miami Springs Police Department
Miami Springs Police Department

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