A Jacksonville mother has been charged after showing up at her daughter's school and assaulting another child.

Edith Riddle, 34, was arrested by Duval School Board Police last Thursday.

The school's safety officer heard a frantic call about a fight happening outside of the cafeteria during the lunch hour. When the officer arrived, he observed Riddle was involved in the fight.

Riddle had apparently exited the school with her own daughter after a meeting with the vice principal. Rather than exiting the campus directly, the daughter walked out of the way through the cafeteria in order to fight the victim.

Her daughter pushed the victim to the ground and threw some punches before the suspect joined in on the assault. She was observed to be wearing a single boxing glove.

The report reads that Riddle had the glove on her hand when she arrived at the school. She told the employees of the school that the glove was 'super glued' to her wrist and wasn't able to be removed.

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According to the report, the victim had abrasions on her arms and legs. The girl's parents arrived and said they're pressing charges.

Riddle was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse with personal/special weapons.

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