On Wednesday, a man visiting Busch Gardens in west-central Florida had a daring encounter with the alligators at the Tampa theme park.

He chose to get close and personal with the creatures, despite the potential dangers.

Video is courtesy of Nick Reid.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay says it is working with law enforcement after a man jumped into the park's alligator enclosure.

Florida Man Gone Wild

Thankfully, the visitor was unharmed and bystanders were spared from witnessing a terrible incident.

Footage recorded by a guest at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay exhibits an individual, whose identity has yet to be verified, climbing over two barriers to access the alligator habitat, according to WTVT. Nick Reid, a witness who filmed the event, reported to WFLA-TV that the man, who purportedly possesses a significant online following, jumped into the enclosure with the intention of recording a video.

What Did He Say?

“He caused a huge commotion and got within 5 feet of an alligator,” Reid told the television station.

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“You’ve got to get back out,” a man in a green shirt told the enclosure intruder, who suddenly adopted a mock Steve Irwin accent, WTVT reported.

“I’m not the wild Karen. Crikey,” the intruder calls out.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Busch Gardens Reports

Busch Gardens officials reported a swift response from their security and animal care teams when an intruder entered the reptile enclosure. Thankfully, no harm came to any of the reptiles or the intruder.

“We will not tolerate this blatant disregard of our safety rules and are working with law enforcement on this matter,” Busch Gardens said in a statement. “The safety and well-being of our guests, ambassadors, and animals remains a top priority.”

The YouTube Video

Here is the reason the man jumped into the exhibit. Jupa, is a YouTuber/Social Media Influencer that was trying to get his numbers up. This was his idea of how he managed to do that.


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