Typically we hear about criminals hiding objects in their butts when going to jail, but this man had a better hiding spot.

Pinellas County, Florida

On July 13, jail personnel made a surprising discovery during a strip search of accused fraudster Michael Keanu Brennen, 24. Hidden beneath his testicles, they found a live bullet, according to records.

Pinellas County Florida - Michael
Pinellas County Florida - Michael Keanu Brennen

Caught By Police

Brennen had been apprehended by the police for allegedly using stolen information on a credit card to pay for a luxurious 17-night vacation rental in Indian Rocks Beach, near the Gulf of Mexico.

Upon searching his rented home, authorities discovered a plethora of forged identification documents, including driver's licenses, checks, social security cards, credit cards, and debit cards in various names. Brennen apparently confessed to purchasing an identification document from the internet, which he then used to secure his accommodation.

Getty Images
Getty Images

During The Jail Process

As Brennen was being processed at the jail, he was cautioned about the potential consequences of smuggling drugs or contraband. Despite his denial, a diligent deputy uncovered a concealed .22 caliber bullet nestled under the suspect's balls, as detailed in a court affidavit. A second deputy collected the ammunition, verifying that it was still live and had not been fired.

9mm pistol bullets and handgun on black table.
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This discovery resulted in an additional felony charge for Brennen, as he had introduced contraband into a detention facility. After posting a bond of $15,150, Brennen was eventually released from custody the following morning.

Further investigation revealed that Brennen likely resided in a Miami suburb, as he possessed a Bahamas passport and driver's license in his own name at the time of his arrest.

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