A New Port Richey, Florida man was arrested on a felony charge Saturday after police say he got himself into trouble, involving nothing but a bad attitude and a hot dog.

Pinellas County officials say 47-year-old Jason Stoll of New Port Richey ignored warnings from officials that his road closure permit ended, around 12am Saturday, but he continued to sell hot dogs in the roadway.

The officers told him it was time to put the hot dogs down and move out of the street, but he ignored them and continued to try and sell his hot dog.

Stoll then quickly became “extremely upset” before intentionally whipping the hot dog at the officer, documents said.

The officer was clearly in a full police uniform at the time of the throw, so Stoll knew what he was getting himself into.

Stoll was immediately arrested and charged with battery on a law officer and resisting an officer without violence. If he's convicted (seems pretty clear cut here), he could face up to a minimum of three years in prison.

Battery on a law officer is considered a felony charge.

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