Deputy Travis Fernandes of Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Florida put on a heart-stopping stunt as he saved the day in a maritime crisis.

Instagram: pinellassheriff
Instagram @pinellassheriff

Boat Jumping

In a video released by the office, Fernandes can be seen jumping from one high-speed boat to another to regain control of the unmanned boat careering out of control.

It all started when the marine unit of the office received a call for assistance from the US Coast Guard. The driver of the vessel had already been rescued by a good Samaritan, but the boat was still running at an alarming 41 mph. Even after the Coast Guard's attempt to deploy "prop fouling devices" to halt the vessel's movement, the boat continued on its path, endangering all nearby.

Jumping Boats - Instagram @pinellassheriff
Jumping Boats - Instagram @pinellassheriff

Catching Up With The Boat

With Deputy Jillian Constant driving the office's vessel, they successfully matched the speed of the runaway boat and positioned themselves alongside it. This gave Fernandes the opportunity to "leap aboard and take control of the vessel."

The Sheriff's Office's Instagram post on the incident was effusive, stating that Deputy Fernandes does indeed do his own stunts.

Watch the incredible video below of the heroic stunt performed by Deputy Fernandes, backed by Van Halen's "Jump."

What The Post Says

Pinellas county police posted on Instagram:

"Yesterday, July 30th, Deputy Fernandes and Deputy Constant with the Marine and Environmental Lands Unit responded to a call to assist the United States Coast Guard with a runaway vessel. The driver had fallen off and was rescued by a Good Samaritan. The Coast Guard attempted to deploy prop fowling devices to stop the vessel but they were unsuccessful. Deputy Constant intercepted the runaway vessel by matching its speed (about 41 mph) inside the curve allowing Deputy Fernandes to leap aboard and take control of the vessel. And yes Deputy Fernandes does his own stunts."

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