I met Mike just walking through the halls of the Rock & Roll Mansion.  He was getting ready to go on our local sports show, Don't Hassle Us We're Local down the hall on ESPN 93.5.  He had these giant pictures he took and printed out and it was striking.  We've all seen the pictures of the ballpark surrounded by water, but this was different.  This was the WHOLE downtown Davenport riverfront.

I talked to him a little about how he shot it with his drone and told him I'd love to talk to him about the whole deal.  It's an iconic photograph.  Spectacular.

We waited for a while because he was in talks with the Putnam Museum and ended up having a copy of the photo archived as a piece of local history.  Pretty cool stuff!

Here's the interview with Mike Fetterer of Fetography Professional Imaging in Moline talking about getting into photography, geeking out on toys, and the passion project of this amazing flood pic.


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