Believe it or not, the best way to de-stress after a long week isn't going out and getting drunk with friends.  Being social is good, but waking up with a hangover can make the rest of your weekend stressful.


Here are five proven ways to de-stress that don't involve alcohol:

  1. Unplug.  Even just turning your phone off for a few hours can help.  And definitely don't check work emails.
  2. Get some exercise.  It doesn't have to be intense, and your main goal shouldn't be losing weight.  Just find something you enjoy doing, like a sport.  The endorphins that get released in your body can boost your mood and help you unwind.
  3. Take up a hobby or work on a project.  That could mean anything from knitting to re-painting your living room.  Just pick something productive or relaxing that has nothing to do with your job.  It should be a break from your normal routine.
  4. Meditate.  If you've never tried it, there are lots of free apps and YouTube videos that can help.  More and more studies are finding how huge it is for mental health.
  5. Listen to music.  It doesn't have to be classical, or some terrible "mood" music like massage therapists play.  It just has to be something you like.

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