Adam Graves went on a fishing trip with two of his friends recently in Wisconsin. They ended up with one of the greatest fishing stories ever.

"It just got snagged on the bottom, and we thought it was a rock or log, it happens all the time," Graves told WDJT. "Truth be told, we pulled it up and it ended up being beer."

The three friends were casting their lines on the Wolf River in Fremont, Wisconsin when the pulled up a partial six-pack. Reps from Budweiser told them that the cans are at least 60-years-old.


"They were empty unfortunately, I don’t know how good they would’ve tasted anyways. They would’ve been cold still, I’m guessing." said Graves' friend Christian Burzynski.

The cans were broken open, filled with sand and covered in zebra mussels. How they ended up on the bottom of the river is a mystery, whoever they belonged to were having a good day back in the 50s.

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