The FDA has issued an alert for pet owners who treat their dogs and cats with drugs in the isoxazoline class to prevent fleas and tics. Approved drug brands in this class are Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica.

All of those drugs have been approved by the FDA and the majority of dogs and cats treated with the products don't experience any issues and tolerate the drug well. However, some dogs and cats have experienced some neurological issues including muscle tremors, ataxia and seizures.

I first heard about this issue a couple of years ago after putting my dog JJ "The Chill Hound" on Bravecto. At the time I asked my vet what he had heard about it and his practice hadn't experienced any issues with the medicine.

After moving to Iowa and seeing our new vet, I asked him about it as well. He told me none of their patients had any reactions to the medication either.

I can say JJ does tolerate the medicine very well. All of this supports the FDA's statement that most dogs and cats have no problem with the drugs.

The FDA is disclosing this information because they want vets and pet owners to be able to make an informed decision on whether these preventatives are the right treatment for some pets. Simply, there are many different ways to prevent fleas and ticks, and the medical history of some pets may not support the use of this type of drug.

If your dog is taking one of these drugs and you're concerned. I'd urge you to have a conversation with your veterinarian about it. I probably will ask again the next time JJ "The Chill Hound" has a wellness check.


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