This woman may have some faults, but damn does she have hustle! 30-year-old Amber Gonzales got arrested last week for stealing a cell phone from a hotel maid's cart and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was placed in a holding cell and handcuffed to the wall, but she's only 5'1" and weighs 97 pounds. So with her tiny wrists, Amber realized she could slip out of the cuffs. Once she freed herself, she was able to unlock the cell and escape with her phone which the cops left with her to arrange bail.

Turns out that Amber works as a prostitute and she called a client to pick her up outside of the jail. They then drove to a hotel and she got paid $80 for sex. That hotel happened to be the same hotel she stole the phone from.

The staff recognized her and called the police. Amber was arrested again and is now facing additional charges for escape and prostitution.

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