There's clearly something about living in the Midwest that drives people straight to booze. A new study looked at the binge drinking rates in the 381 biggest cities in the country.

The twenty drunkest cities are concentrated in one very specific region. Take a look and see if you notice a trend:

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  3. Appleton, Wisconsin
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Fargo, North Dakota
  6. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  7. Missoula, Montana
  8. Grand Forks, North Dakota
  9. Wausau, Wisconsin
  10. La Crosse, Wisconsin
  11. Mankato, Minnesota
  12. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  13. Iowa City, Iowa
  14. Dubuque, Iowa
  15. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  16. Watertown, New York
  17. Lincoln, Nebraska
  18. Fairbanks, Alaska
  19. Ames, Iowa
  20. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

So yeah, people in Wisconsin drink a lot and took ten spots in the top twenty drunkest cities.

In case you're wondering, the driest cities in the country are mostly in Utah, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

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