If you've got a lot of money to spend on looking ridiculous, then ooh baby do I have the products for you.

Fashion company Alfie just teamed up with Crocs to make, you guessed it, luxury Crocs. The ones that stand out are a pair of white Crocs with tube socks built in that are selling for $140.

They all go on sale in two weeks at AlfieNewYork.com or you can simulate the Crocs-with-socks look right now for a lot less, just grab any pair of Crocs and any pair of tube socks.

Not to be outdone, Nike just unveiled the latest version of their flip-flop sandals. The footwear will have a fanny pack style pouch attached to the strap.

Wouldn't this just make the sandals too heavy from your junk that they would fall off? I think you're better off just wearing a normal fanny pack.

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