In 2012, a couple lost their dog at a campsite in northern California. So they put up fliers, but didn't have any luck. Then earlier this month someone spotted her. The owners went back and left her blanket on the ground, hoping she might smell it. The next morning she was curled up sleeping on it.

In October 2012, a couple named Nathan and Erin Braun were camping at Tahoe National Forest in northern California. And their five-year-old golden retriever, Murphy, ran off.

When they couldn't find her, they put fliers up everywhere, but still didn't have any luck. And they had to face the fact that they might NEVER see Murphy again.

Until earlier this month, when someone spotted her at another campsite a few miles away . . . 20 MONTHS after she went missing.

So Nathan and Erin drove there and left Murphy's blanket on the ground, thinking she might be able to smell it. And they were RIGHT. Because on the very first night, Murphy showed up, laid down on the blanket, and went to sleep.

Someone was able to get her on a leash a few days later, and she was reunited with her family on Sunday. No one's sure how she was able to survive so long in the wild. Especially since she went through two winters there.

ABC News has the full story.