Friday night, after Tropical Storm Fay moved through Perkasie, Pennsylvania, the Isabell family noticed some dark stains dripping down their walls. It was assumed to be storm damage, so they looked to see what was going on.

Andrea Isabell told ABC 7, "My husband felt this really sticky, syrupy stuff we were brave and smelled it and he said, 'This is honey! This is honey pouring down our walls."

The family was naturally surprised, but also curious about the honey.

"I have three boys and they were they were wondering if we could set a tap up so we could just pour honey on our yogurt and granola in the morning. I wish we could. I wish we could share it, but the bees need a better home where they're safe and happy and not living with us," she said.

After doing some looking, they found a whole thousands of bees at the top of their house.


Listen to our full conversation with Andrea below.


They called in Allan Lattanzi from Yerkes Honey Farms, who everyone calls "The Bee Man."

He came out and did a thermal scan and assessed the situation.

Lattanzi said there's an entire colony in the house.

"They bees become my girls. I will take them home and they will become a honey producer for me. I will make a colony," Lattanzi said.

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