The Formula One $500 Million Las Vegas Grand Prix has kicked off with their practice sessions, but those only lasted a total of 8 minutes after a loose manhole cover caused destruction to one car and ended the first session.

Only 8 minutes into the race, Carlos Sainz's car began emitting sparks all over the road before coming to a stop, which triggered a red flag.

It appeared that the concrete around a manhole cover became loose, causing the drain cover itself to become loose and damage the underside of Sainz's car.

"After inspection by Formula 1 and the FIA, a single water valve cover on the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit failed during the first practice session," F1 and Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. said in a joint statement. "The FIA, F1, and local circuit engineering teams are actively working to review and address the issue."

F1 rescheduled the second practice session for 2:30 am local time, two and a half hours after it was due to take place.

In the meantime, crews inspected the rest of the covers along the Strip, which makes up 1.3 miles of the racetrack, and then secured them with fast-setting concrete.

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