If you haven't heard yet, Jordan Bohannon, who plays for University of Iowa's basketball team, has been in a battle with the University's parking enforcement for the last few days, which he's documented on Twitter (below).

You probably haven't heard the exclusive audio we got ahold of, of him talking with the city.

Stories came flooding in, with familiar stories of the U's parking enforcement. Around 30 minutes later, he tweeted again, saying he is "Declaring war."

Jordan has received hundreds of responses, some able to identify with his story, and others saying he needs to "lose the 'above the law' attitude that sports players get."

The City of Iowa City then responded to the video he had shared, saying their parking attendants work hard, and he's welcome to appeal any tickets he'd gotten.

So far it's ended there, but surely as long as Jordan Bohannon parks on campus property, he'll be ticketed.

We actually got ahold of the press conference you didn't hear, which included the call with the University's parking headquarters.

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