A couple of purse snatchers in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania messed with the wrong 81-year-old woman.

Alice Makla had just returned to her home Tuesday after a quick trip to Rite Aid. While she was sitting in her driveway, two people walked up and started talking to her through her window.

At that point one of them reached in and stole her purse with $140 inside, then they both jumped in their car and took off. Instead of just calling the cops, Alice took matters into her own hands and started CHASING them. Once she caught up to them, she rammed them with her car.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department
Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department

34-year-old William Hayhurst and 30-year-old Erin Vanmatre ended up getting away. Police spotted their car parked outside a grocery store nearby, complete with marks from Alice's car on it, so they knew it was them. Both facing robbery charges, and they're due back in court later this month.

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