A bunch of high school students in El Paso, Texas took the S.A.T. on October 27th.  But now dozens of them will have to take it again after their tests got lost in the mail.

The Lost Tests

Supposedly a UPS truck was driving down the road when its back doors flew open and the tests went soaring out onto the busy streets.

Here is a video of the papers flying in the road.

The Statements

The El Paso Independent School District says staff recovered all but 55 SAT sheets. A spokesperson for EPISD said,

“El Paso ISD is working closely with the College Board to determine a remedy for the El Paso High School students whose SAT exams were lost in transit after they were securely submitted to UPS. The incident affects students who took the exam on Oct. 27 on campus. Counselors are providing students, interested in taking the ACT, with waivers to retake the exam at no cost. Deadline is Nov. 4; exam is Dec. 10 at El Paso High.”

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The college board said,

“Occasionally test materials are lost in transit. When such instances occur, we work with the school to ensure that students are able to retest as soon as possible. We are currently working with El Paso High School to provide options for the impacted students.”

When the students found out their tests had been lost, this is what Senior class president Santiago Gonzalez had to say,

“Today, they called a meeting for the senior class and they kind of told us, ‘Hey, guys, the rumors are true. The SAT scores were compromised. They flew out of the UPS bus.”

The student body president, Zyenna Martinez, is highly concerned about the amount of personal information that is now flying around the streets.

“On the test score sheets, we have all of our information and identification on the score — our location where we live, our address, our date of birth, all of our information. And it stinks because our identity is out there right now. Some people could have picked up some flyers.”

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Getty Images

Of course, UPS apologized to the school and the students saying,

“We have apologized to the school and extend our apologies to the students. Our employees are working to recover as many tests as possible, and we will work with the school to resolve the situation. The driver’s actions in this case are not representative of UPS protocols and methods, and we are addressing this with him.  Safely meeting our service commitments is UPS’s first priority.”

The Morning Show Thoughts

We like to think this was an inside job. Some kid did terribly on his test and was close buddies with the driver, asking him to get rid of the tests, making it look like an accident.

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Getty Images

Sounds like a much more interesting story right? This is our conspiracy.

Who knows, maybe after further investigation some confessions will come up. We will wait and see!

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