Someone Changed a Construction Sign to Read Profanity

Houston residents passing by the intersection of Montrose and Westheimer were shocked when an electronic construction sign displayed a profane message on Monday.

ouston - Montrose and Westheimer
Houston - Montrose and Westheimer


What Did The Sign Say?

The sign first displayed a message about the weather but then switched to an expletive-laden command for drivers.

Witnesses reported the sign continued to display the message for hours before being turned off by a city inspector. However, officials from Houston Public Works have denied operating the sign and are currently trying to identify the sign's owner.

Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman

One employee noted that the part of the sign that controls its message is locked inside an attached box, indicating that whoever posted the vulgar message may have the necessary clearance or experience with the equipment to override it.

Photo Of The Sign


Looking through the comments, many people decided to play along with the joke, making witty comments and giving good laughs.

  • "Wow, Houston DPW has really changed some policies since I left..."
  • "Yeah, sounds like H-town all right. Home of crazy a$$ weather and never-ending road work."
  • "Someone has a case of the Mondays."
  • "At least half of the people at that particular intersection need to be humbled by that sign. Nobody better be snitching."
  • "I meant this is what I had to say to Summer 2023."
  • "I have muttered that second billboard to myself soooooo many times in Houston traffic."
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