A deer that broke into a home in Spring, Texas and stayed overnight was taken into custody by the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office. The homeowner, Courtney Hawk, reported that the deer had made an unscheduled entrance through one of the front windows of her house.

Coming Home To An Unexpected Guest

According to Hawk, she discovered the unexpected guest in her home when she returned from spending the night at her boyfriend's house.

"He just made himself an entrance. He 'Kool-Aid manned' right through my front window," Hawk said, inspired by a classic advertisement featuring a character who routinely breaks through walls.

The Unexpected Guest. (FOX26)

She also reported that her neighbors had seen the deer breaking into her home and she later found out that it had been chased by a buck.

"I came back around 5 p.m. Sunday evening, so it was almost a full 24 hours that he was just moving in," Hawk said.


The Deer Did Not Clean Up After It's Stay

The incident caused quite a mess as the deer's forceful entry left it injured and bleeding. Precinct 4 deputies were called in and made attempts to convince the deer to leave on its own, but the deer reportedly ran into the bathroom instead. The situation eventually required the Harris County Sheriff's Office livestock unit to tranquilize the animal.

The Homeowner, Courtney Hawk (FOX26)

Tranquilizing The Wild Animal

In describing the tranquilizing, Hawk explained,

"She (deputy with livestock unit) said she came around this angle and just saw the tail end of the deer sticking out right here, and the deer was just staring at itself in the mirror. And so, she had a good shot of the hind end and gave him a nice little dose of sleepy juice."

Police removed the deer from the home after being tranquilized. (FOX26)

Once tranquilized, the deer was released from the house. Hawk noted that while the deer had caused some damage, she wouldn't be pressing charges, stating that things could have been worse. Opting to see the lighter side of the situation, Hawk humorously summed up her unusual experience, remarking It is what it is, but it's not great.

"All things considered, I think the damage could have been worse," Hawk said.


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