If you've been eating a lot more food and a lot worse food since the pandemic started...you are not alone. Almost everyone else has too.

I have read stories or social media posts where people have been locked in their house  or apartment and started an amazing exercise regimen. They've started working out using those stretchy bands, or just body weight workouts.  They've used YouTube to follow fitness instructors for daily inspiration to lose weight and get fit.

Some people started a garden and learned the benefits of fresh produce straight from the ground.  Or learned new recipes for making their own salad dressing.  They've started eating quinoa and know what that tastes like now.

I don't.

And it looks like I'm not alone.  In a new survey people were asked for the main reasons why they've been eating worse over the past year.

The real answers are below...but I'm going to tell you my answer.  I said "screw it".  I turned off any ability to restrict my calories.  I drank way more than normal just to ease the stress.

And it worked.  I mean...I'm worse off for it.  But at the time beer and comfort food was what I needed.  And now I can say I made it though and will try to be healthier.  I promise.

Here Are the Four Reasons We've All Been Eating Worse During the Pandemic


And the top four answers are:  Stress . . . having an inconsistent sleep schedule . . . not having a set eating schedule . . . and needing more comfort food.

(Yahoo News)


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